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  • Rum Ganache for Breakfast

    Feeding the Family aired today at 1pm so at 9am I was busily prepping rum truffle mixture with David Greenwood-Haigh's wonderful Haitian Rum.  It's not actually David's rum but David, who is the chocolatier at Divine Chocolate, does a lot to raise money for Haiti and he kindly brought me back this fabulous rum.  As David was coming on my show today I thought it only polite that I'd make up his Rum Truffles so we could try them on air.

    To make sure I had the right quantity of rum I had to try the mixture (well, it would be rude not to) and it took me back to skiing, days before children, when we'd stop mid morning for a hot chocolate and rum. Actually rum ganache goes really well with porridge, with porridge in one hand and the spoon to lick out the bowl of ganache in the other it went down a treat.  A little dubious about rum at 9am but the sun is past the yard arm somewhere in the world and as long as I pretend I'm there it's OK.

    David was a fabulous guest as always, and give us insight in the invention of truffles and ganache by the world's first celebrity chef, Augustus Escoffier, if you'd like the hear the show and the wonderful story of truffle invention and where the word 'ganache' came from you can listen again to the show on BBC Oxford

    My edible Christmas recipes are up on the site too to download, I'll be making some more of the savoury spicy nuts for a do tomorrow night, they're yummy.






  • 500 Baby and Toddler Foods

    500 Baby and Toddler Foods

    Beverley's first book published by Apple Press in September 2011 is packed full of useful and delicious recipes for your newly weaned baby. Life with a newborn baby or a toddler is hectic enough without having to spend hours in the kitchen preparing complicated recipes. Food should be freshly prepared using in-season fruit and vegetables, low in salt and sugar and quick and easy to prepare and cook. It helps to make the transition from mother’s milk to solid food as seamless and enjoyable as possible for both baby and parent. By starting slowly and introducing a wide variety of foods to your child’s diet, it will hopefully ensure a lifelong love of food.

    Within the pages, you will find 500 recipes for different mealtimes, situations and occasions – snacks, picnics and packed lunches, breakfast time, suppers, party treats, smoothies, hearty soups, stews and casseroles.

    The recipes are designed for families to eat the same meal together rather than having to cook one meal for your baby or toddler and another for your partner and some are adaptable for simple dinner parties or cooking with friends.  There are hints and tips on how to encourage your toddler to start cooking with you too.

    The book is available from Splat Cooking or from Amazon

    Try out some of the delicious recipes from the book:


    Chicken curry and rice, suitable for 6-9 months

  • Foodie Advent Calendar

    Splat Cooking have just launched a Foodie Advent Calendar, from 1 December they're going to be putting up a different recipe a day for the 24 days running up to Christmas. The recipes will be related to Christmas and could fall into the following categories:

    • Edible Christmas presents
    • Christmas tree decorations
    • Nibbles and canapes for Christmas entertaining
    • Edible table centrepieces
    • Lovely Christmas food
    Splat Cooking are looking for people to send in their favourite recipes for adults and for children to make and are running a competition to award a bag of Splat Cooking goodies to their favourite adult and children's recipe so please start sending, you can either tweet to @splatcooking using the hash tag #foodieadventcalendar or email to [email protected] or post on Splat Cooking's facebook page
  • Croque en Bouche

    My big girl (15 years old) has just made croque en bouche as part of her Food Tech GCSE practical.  First time attempting spun sugar and she's done a marvellous job, in fact, her little brother thinks she's an absolute star as he's got to eat the left overs - I hope his dentist isn't reading this (!).

    The photos tell the story and she did say that her profiteroles have never turned out as well as they did tonight - that's an AGA for you.  She's now realised that spun sugar isn't difficult, it's not even that fiddly but you do have to work quickly and you need to keep it company but at the end you have a real show off dish.  Wonder if I can get her to do pudding for New Year.

    The profiteroles are filled with a blackcurrant cream and drizzled with blackcurrant coulis and chocolate shavings.  It tasted heavenly too.

  • Chocolate and Ginger Christmas Pudding

    Christmas puddings are traditionally made on Stir Up Sunday, around 6 weeks before Christmas. Gather the family around to stir the pudding in a clockwise direction and each make a wish.
  • Cranberry and Orange Mincemeat

    Homemade mincemeat is amazing, cheat and buy the pastry if you must but never cheat on the mincemeat you will notice the difference.
  • When making lavender and honey...

    When making lavender and honey cupcakes make sure you use lavender and not cumin seed, similar looking, totally different flavour!!!

  • My trusty @agarangemaster is a...

    My trusty @agarangemaster is at gull pelt churning out 100 cupcakes and scones, anyone have probs making cakes in an AGA let me know

  • Ruby, my @KitchenAid is workin...

    Ruby, my @KitchenAid is working hard making afternoon tea for 100 people for tomorrows @comedywithcake, couldn't do without her

  • On my way to @WaterstonesOxf t...

    On my way to @WaterstonesOxf to kick off their big baking weekend come and ice xmas cookies with me + my fab baby/toddler cookery book @12pm

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