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  • Support Fairtrade Fortnight ...

    Support Fairtrade Fortnight , add a #twibbon now! - - Create one here -

  • Strawberries from @waitroseUK ...

    Strawberries from @waitroseUK were delicious for my latest show on @Buckstv, we all support #FairtradeFortnight

  • #FairtradeFortnight begins tom...

    #FairtradeFortnight begins tomorrow what are you doing to support it? I'm going into Gateway school in Bucks to run workshops with year 6

  • the lovely Ruby, my @KitchenAi...

    the lovely Ruby, my @KitchenAidUK features in my interview with David Greenwood-Haigh of @divinechocolate

  • Fair Trade Fortnight - 28 Feb to 13 March

    Fair Trade fortnight begins tomorrow and my interview with the charming David Greenwood-Haigh of Divine Chocolate is now live on BucksTV website, if your school is doing something for Fair Trade Fortnight please let us know as we'd love to blog about it.

    This two week period is a great time to create awareness of the different Fair Trade products such as chocolate, coffee, bananas, spices and a whole heap of other food and products, why not take your children shopping and see how many different types of fair trade products you can find in the supermarket and let us know.

    On 7 March David and I are going into Gateway School in Great Missenden to talk to the children in year 6 about Fair Trade and getting them cooking with Divine Chocolate as we love it so much we thought we ought to share. If your school would like the Splat Cooking Team to come talk about Fair Trade or run a cooking workshop then please contact us we'd love to share our enthusiasm for food, cooking and Fair Trade.

  • Will have to live in my belove...

    Will have to live in my beloved DMs all week, my leg is so swollen I can't get my high heeled boots on....good excuse!!

  • Ow


  • Bike crash, women should be ba...

    Bike crash, women should be banned from driving X5s unless they know how to stop, bloody knee and major bruises, glad it's not summer, grrrr

  • crisis - no chilled wine, omg ...

    crisis - no chilled wine, omg husband sacked

  • Breast milk ice cream

    Victoria has just tweeted an article about using breast milk to make ice cream. Views anyone?

    I had this debate with my publisher over the adult version of the ice cream for toddlers in my new book coming out in September, 500 Baby and Toddler Foods.  The recipe for children under 12 months recommends using breast or formula milk to make the ice cream.  As the recipes are aimed at all the family eating together we discussed how this would go down, would the rest of the family eat ice cream made with breast milk?  After much debate, we wussed out and suggested in the recipe that for the rest of the family the milk should be cows milk not breast milk.

    In fact, what's wrong with adults drinking breast milk - not straight from the breast though?  Seriously, cows milk is designed for baby cows and we milk the cows to give the milk to our children and we drink it ourselves, we also drink goats and sheep milk.  In Ancient Rome they used mare's milk as they had a lot of horses around, in Tibet they drink yak's milk.  Humans make milk which is designed for baby humans but what's wrong with adult humans drinking breast milk?

    I think there are underlying connotations about it being thought of as slightly kinky, a little gross maybe.  But surely that's daft, it's designed for us, it's better suited for us and just look at the amount of people who have allergies to cows milk.

    My thoughts on the book were to leave it in and wait for the letters, my publisher agreed with my argument but decided to be policially correct and  change it, probably for the best, but it really is daft.  Maybe we should just get over ourselves and stop being silly and drink breast milk.  What do you think?

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