These are a selection of recipes suitable for main courses, lunch or supper, enjoy.


Camp Bestival Planning

Mojitos for tomorrow night and in an ideal world all we would need is three things: Tequila, salt and limes, we wouldn't need anything else to get us through the weekend as no food would be required or remembered. However, we have children so that's not going to happen *sighs wistfully*.

How to Eat Like a Local in Puglia with Villa Plus've arrived at your gorgeous villa in Puglia, the sun is shining, you've stopped off at a local market heaving with fabulously ripe, fresh local produce and you want to eat like a local.

Chicken Ramen - healthy version of Pot Noodle

This is my version of Chicken Ramen, a healthy Pot Noodle, popular at Wagamamas and Noodle Bars. Cook the noodles as instructed on the packet or buy fresh or straight to wok versions.

Goulash with Herby Dumplings

This is a classic winter warmer recipe, originating in Hungary and heavy on paprika it's a delicious winter casserole that benefits from long, slow cooking and tastes even better next day.

Purple sprouting broccoli and pistachio pesto

Purple sprouting broccoli is in season in the Autumn and Winter in England and it's packed full of vitamins and minerals which are not lost as you don't cook it in this recipe so you have heaps of raw veg which tastes fantastic

Slow Roast Shoulder of Lamb with a Moroccan Twist

This is a fabulously easy meal that is equally good for a midweek family meal, Sunday lunch or supper for friends.

Chicken Tagine with Couscous and Harissa

This makes a delicious family friendly midweek meal. You can start making it the night before or in them morning and allow it to marinade, if you forget just leave it as long as possible

Cheese and Ham Ravioli

Homemade pasta is really easy to make, you can mix it in a food processor or mixer using a dough hook. ‘OO’ flour gives the best results, if you can’t get hold of this then use a strong plain flour recommended for bread making.

Bean Burgers with homemade slaw

These are not your average boring bean burgers; these are packed with flavour and taste fabulous, serve them with homemade coleslaw and if you don’t have time to make the curry paste then use some from a jar.

Low Carb Pizza - cauliflower base

This pizza base is made from cauliflower, so it's low carb and suitable for anyone with a gluten or wheat allergy. It is surprisingly filling and tastes really good, don't expect a crispy base as it remains soft and easier to eat with a knife and fork than your fingers.

Warm chicken salad with matcha pesto dressing

The dressing is delicious with either fresh pesto or a jar of pesto and the extra healthy bit is the matcha green tea powder, I like Tea Pigs.