Camp Bestival Planning

Mojitos for tomorrow night and in an ideal world all we would need is three things: Tequila, salt and limes, we wouldn't need anything else to get us through the weekend as no food would be required or remembered. However, we have children so that's not going to happen *sighs wistfully*.

Simnel Mini Loaf Cakes with Edible Flowers

Simnel cakes are traditionally given on Mothering Sunday. If you don’t have a mini loaf tin you can use muffin cases. The icing uses freshly squeezed orange juice and gives a pale yellow icing, if Blood or Blush Oranges are in season these will give you a pale pink icing. Source the edible flowers carefully as you must make sure they are free from pesticides, Greens of Devon do a fabulous range of Edible Flowers

Flower Pot Cupcakes for Mother's Day

These are amazing cakes that look just like a pot plant, they will fool anyone, just remember that the flower doesn’t have any water in it so put it into the tube at the last minute, do NOT eat the flower or the pot! You can buy the flower tubes from a florist and you could also buy some cellowrap and ribbons to wrap the flower pot in to make it look really authentic.

Buckinghamshire Bake-Off

There is no pressure, no cooking on the day, no charming ladies encouraging you to 'cream' properly or chaps hovering criticising your 'rubbing in' method, you do all that at home with no one watching and bring your lovely cakes and biscuits along on the day.

WHO says sugar should ideally be below 5% of total energy intake per day

The World Health Organisation is launching a public consultation on its draft guidelines on sugar intake. In 2002 the WHO guildeline was 10%, it's now looking like reducing to 5%.

Roast Pepper and Tomato Soup

A simple soup full of goodness and just as nice served hot in winter or chilled for summer, serve with foccacia or lovely crusty bread. It also doubles as a pasta sauce, a base for spaghetti bolognaise or pizza topping. Younger children may prefer it in a small bowl to use as a dippy sauce for toast soldiers.

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce

This is one of my favourite puddings, the dates work really well to add at least a small 'healthy' item, you don't taste them either as they pretty much dissolve.