Camp Bestival Planning

Mojitos for tomorrow night and in an ideal world all we would need is three things: Tequila, salt and limes, we wouldn't need anything else to get us through the weekend as no food would be required or remembered. However, we have children so that's not going to happen *sighs wistfully*.

Cookery School

My cookery school is based in the kitchen of my 17th century converted mill on the outskirts of Princes Risborough. The classes take place around the kitchen table with everyone working together so they have a very informal and friendly feel, more like cooking with friends than a formal home economics kitchen.

Camp Bestival - Saturday

Saturday was always going to be difficult, it wouldn't be if I would ever learn and just stick to my guns and stay at one stage, but no, I don't and still try and get everything in. so the plan was...

Camp Bestival - Friday

Friday dawned sunny, warm and lumpy - of course the air bed had a leak!  Then it was the 30 minute queues for the loos as still down to 2 loos for the whole of our section and the water had completely run out too, grr. Bacon butties for…

Camp Bestival - Thursday

This is the first time I have made it to Camp Bestival on the Thursday.  I usually send Pete and Small Boy down on Thursday to put up the tent and I arrive with the girls on Friday lunchtime having deposited the dogs at their Aunty Sue's for…

Sausage Pasta Bake

Super easy supper dish, try adapting this and using items in your store cupboard such as sun dried tomatoes, pesto or jars of artichokes or peppers

English Madeleines

These doyennes of Englishness have drifted into the mists of time but I think it’s time for a revival as they are delicious

Iced Gems

Tiny iced gem biscuits, iced with royal icing, fiddly but delicious

Aubergine Parmigiana (Eggplant Bake)

This is a lovely easy supper that can be prepared ahead and warmed through on the day
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Festival Food

I spent a long time last night being grumpy and cooking for 6 people for #campbestival today, one of them being a 17 year old coeliac friend of Big Girl who I only found out was coeliac a couple of days ago.