Camp Bestival Planning

Mojitos for tomorrow night and in an ideal world all we would need is three things: Tequila, salt and limes, we wouldn't need anything else to get us through the weekend as no food would be required or remembered. However, we have children so that's not going to happen *sighs wistfully*.

BBQ Campsite Cupcakes

These are cupcakes that you cook on a barbeque. They are fantastic if you want to impress the whole campsite while on holiday or just have fun playing at camping in the back garden in the summer, total ‘show off’ cooking.
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Baking Cakes on a Campsite

Yes it can be done, I've done it and have the photos to prove it. Take one basic cupcake mix, or muffin, or whatever recipe and flavour you like.  Make up the recipe as per the instructions, probably using a wooden spoon as you may not…
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Festival Food

Food planning for this weekend, last year we tried the tinned stuff, horrid, so this year in line with my BBC Oxford show I'm cooking real food, from scratch instead. What's on the menu for Camp Bestival? Breakfast Pancakes with lemon…
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Camp Bestival 2012 - packing

OK so I'm not as organised as last year, Pete and Small Boy are off tomorrow and we've only just started thinking of packing, unlike last year when this was all new and exciting.  The problem is now I think that I've done it once so this year…