Camp Bestival Planning

Mojitos for tomorrow night and in an ideal world all we would need is three things: Tequila, salt and limes, we wouldn't need anything else to get us through the weekend as no food would be required or remembered. However, we have children so that's not going to happen *sighs wistfully*.
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Chinese New Year

This year is the year of the Dragon, a very auspicious year in the Chinese calendar.  New Year starts on 23 January and the celebrations continue for the next 15 days.  We're celebrating tomorrow evening with a Chinese Banquet and if you'd…

Chinese Roast Pork Pasties

Delicious little roast pork pasties, great for Chinese New Year, picnics or as canapes

Easter Recipes

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate with a little bit of chocolate thrown in for good measure. That seems to sum up the modern view of Easter, let’s face it the chocolate Easter eggs appear on Boxing Day in supermarkets and are…

Christmas Recipes

Christmas is a time for celebration in the deepest, darkest days of the year.  Humans have been celebrating the winter solstice, which falls on 21 December, for thousands of years.  It's time to gather together, keep warm and look forward…

Chinese Recipes

Chinese food is full of flavour and colour and is much healthier than the versions we regularly sample in classic take aways.  Lots of brightly coloured stir fried vegetables, lean chicken, steamed fish, flavoured with soy sauce,…

Chinese Dumplings

Chinese Dumplings are handcrafted morsels of deliciousness, also known as Pot Sticker dumplings as they stick to the pot.

500 Baby and Toddler Foods - review by Liz at Rhoda Reviews

I've been awaiting a review from Rhoda and Liz nervously.  Rhoda was the winner of a KitchenAid competition to win a KitchenAid Liquidiser and a copy of my book 500 Baby and Toddler Foods so she was totally unbiased, check out her amazing review…