Campsite cooking

  • Barbecuing is an international bloke thing

    I f I thought that a bunch of blokes standing round a bbq burning food, oops, sorry cooking food was a typically English thing I'm glad to say that it isn't, it is a European thing.

    Pete was up at the communal campsite bbq tonight cooking sardines, marinaded in red onions, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil along with lamb chops alongside French and Spanish - all blokes, cooking an array of meats and fish.  The difference is that in France the conversation revolved around 'what have was that marinaded in?' 'what herbs have you used', although beer was passed around so was tapenade, anchoiade, pistachios and olives instead of conversation about football and crisps being passed around.  There's nothing wrong with blokes standing around a bbq talking about football and eating crisps it just seems a little more cultural when you have three different languages attempting to interact and the conversation is about food - still blokes having this conversation you understand. Pete loved it, he was beaming when he sent the children back for more beer and posh nibbles, so as not to let the side down.  He did say that the French and Spanish were pleasantly surprised to discover what we were eating, I think they are used to the burgers and chips brigade, and he had to wing it on the 'whats in the marinade?' front as he had no idea, but he was in his element.

    Tips and recipes were passed on and discussed, how to bbq chicken in fresh mango marinade, discussion about whether the dust from the charcoal increased the flavour of the food or not, appreciation was declared for the wonderful marinade on the sardines and all round slaps on the back for damned good cooking were given.  Pete's final piece de resistance was the cooking of the slices of baguette over the coals, the other's looked at Pete and asked how he was going to serve these - 'with olive oil, rubbed with fresh garlic and ripe tomatoes', well that was it, the ultimate accolade, lots of slaps on the back and the French and Spanish were totally impressed at the English's ability to cook and appreciate food - 'pane con tomates' - Pete has arrived, he is now acknowledged a gourmet on the campsite.  Wonder what they'll make of the bbq breadsticks this evening along with marinated chicken and aubergines.

  • Naff Eurotrash dance

    I ticked off the 'exercise' box this morning by getting in the pool at the crack of Dawn when it opened and did serious length swimming. Ha, crack of Dawn here is 10am, very civilised compared with 6.30 at home. Beat the Germans to the sun loungers and then at 12 noon the most amazing thing happened that really made my holiday, the animation team brought over speakers and started off the pool dance. I've no idea what it was as it was in French, but it was along the lines of the macarena, Saturday night, you get it, Eurotrash song with daft dance. I was up like a shot much to the horror of the children, this is what holdiays are about dancing to daft songs in a bikini whilst embarrassing your kids, that's why we have children isn't it? So that's it, I'll be at the pool every day at 12 to do this daft dance, excellent. That's made my holiday.

    Lunch then hit the beach to check into the surf shack, lessons start tomorrow, I'm the only adult, the rest are aged between 12-15, do I care, no way, cos I know the steps to the daft dance and I don't care that I can't surf and am very good at falling off cos I'm old and have nothing to prove apart from having a good laugh. I know I'll look cool coming off the beach at 10am as everyone will know I surf, no one will know that I'm rubbish at it until my kids tell them!

    Currently awaiting the pizza dough to prove,small boy declared that he likes my pizzas better than the expensive ones from the pizzeria on site, I've no probs with that as they're all 12 euros each. Likewise I'm a bit miffed that the roast chickens are 12 euros each, I thought Waitrose ones were dear at £5, these are ridiculous so I've been told that there is a big E.Leclerc 8 km away that has a fab fish counter, so after surf lesson tomorrow that's where I'm heading.

    Currently sitting outside drinking beer and I've just had a large rabbit come and wander around by my sun lounger, wow, apparently there was a squirrel on site yesterday throwing pine cones at one chap because the French lady who was staying on that plot last week was feeding him and this new chap didn't so the squirrel chucked pine cones at him in disgust. Well, they live here, the campsite may be right by the sea but it's in the middle of pine woods, hence the wildlife, we have to remember that we are living in their home not the other way round.

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