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  • Camp Bestival - an interview with Dick and Dom

    Camp Bestival Fairy Free HugsThe sun's come out and I'm now allowing myself to get excited about Camp Bestival 2013, plus there are now only 96 days to go, double figures, yeay.  The highlight of Camp Bestival 2012 has to be my impromptu interview with Dick and Dom. Yes, I was the adult standing at the back of the audience at East Lulworth shouting 'bogies' very, very loudly and getting elbowed by medium sized girl for being embarrassing, I don't care, I LOVE Dick and dom.  However, they weren't giving interviews, well, officially anyway....

    Armed with my BBC Oxford mic (it's scary how many places a BBC mic will get you, even though it's local radio it's got those amazing 3 capital letters on it that open doors), I managed to edge my way to the back of the stage at East Lulworth where I spotted the regular bouncers and very attractive brunette whom I deduced may be married to one of them, a long shot but I went for it.  Started chatting to her, introduced myself and asked whether she thought they may be up for a quick interview about food after their show, after all they had been talking about Pot Noodles, she said she'd ask them (YES!  whoop whoop) and they did.

    So out the back of the tent with medium sized girl, who was not as excited as I was I must add, I secured an interview with Dick and Dom about their idea of festival food, this was first broadcast on BBC Oxford in August last year but here's the interview to get you in the mood for this year as they boys are back.

    Dick and Dom

    I love their views on the perfect food....Pot Noodle, is it the perfect food?  It has carbohydrate in the noodles, protein in the dehydrated meat, water which you have to add from the kettle and vegetables in the form of dehydrated peas and other things I'm surely that's the perfect food - no way!

    After the interview we were wandering around aimlessly (as you do at festivals) when I was tapped on the shoulder by a chap in sunglasses with a big grin and a 'hi, how are you doing?' yep, it was  Dick, this time the children were impressed with retorts of 'OMG you really are famous Dick from Dick and Dom knows you, wow', to my 10 year old son's eyes that was it, his Mum had made the big time.  He was gutted he wasn't there for the interview and so was my 16 year old daughter, maybe this summer they'll get the chance if you're up for another interview guys?



  • Festival Food

    Food planning for this weekend, last year we tried the tinned stuff, horrid, so this year in line with my BBC Oxford show I'm cooking real food, from scratch instead.

    What's on the menu for Camp Bestival?


    Pancakes with lemon and sugar or nutella (cheated and bought ready made crepes, I refuse to queue for 30 minutes for one crepe like last year)

    Pain au chocolat

    Cheerios with already frozen milk which will slowly defrost over the weekend and keep cold, may need to sneak in coco pops too for my chocolate fix - shouldn't have admitted to coco pops addiction, I'm supposed to be a shining example of healthy eating, mostly anyway.

    Orange Juice and smoothies


    Eating out - not doing lunch each day, no way


    Thai green chicken curry for the grown ups Friday night, I've chopped and frozen the raw chicken, taken the green curry paste, veg and coconut milk with me as I reckon it's safer to cook the raw meat than to cook the whole thing, freeze it and slowly defrost it there, also boil in the bag rice too.  Kids are on fajitas, again cooking them on site, the fajitas, not the kids.  RED WINE - doesn't need chilling, may have to sneak in a couple of beers too on the basis that they'll have to be drunk Friday night before going warm, hard life!

    Saturday - we're eating out

    Sunday - Pasta with pesto and roast veg, garlic bread cooked under the grill and lashings of parmesan, fussy kids can have pasta with parmesan and butter - I'll let them off veg one night, after all it's a festival

    Also taking crisps and olives for nibbles, let's face this is where middle England go to party so would be letting the side down not taking olives, posh crisps and making flapjack today to go too.

    One sleep until I go, Pete and Small Boy have already left to set up the tent, I gave them towels this morning and they looked at me like I was insane

    "why do we need those?"

    "to wash with"

    "but we're at a festival, didn't think you were allowed to wash, isn't that the idea?"

    Hmm, boys!

  • Camp Bestival - What's on and food

    So excited, just had the updated APP for #campbestival and they've got the timings up, gutted as tomorrow night I have to be in two places at once due to Milton Jones playing East Lulworth at the same time ABC are on the Castle Stage, then it gets worse as Blondie are playing the same time on Castle Stage as Jack Whitehall and the Comedy set are on the Big Top. Think we're going to have to leave big girl in the big top while I leg it to see Blondie, not missing that for anything and seriously have to drool over Martin Fry - I have the albums, all of them for Blondie and ABC, omg I'm that old.

    Then there's the silent disco - I am so excited about that it's silly.  You get headphones and select what music genre you want (I think) then you dance away to your own music, excellent.  You can play 'spot the ones doing YMCA and Cliff Richard', my only issue is that I tend to sing, very, very badly, and I wonder if anyone will notice.

    Rob da Bank is doing the silent disco on sunday night - 1.30am-3am, I can't remember seeing that time of night since the children were born, sad I know.

    Then there's the dancing stuff, salsa, Lindy hop, charleston - oooh I so want to do that, can you dance in walking boots? Will have to find out.

    Ade Edmonson is also playing - really, really need to try and get an interview with him, wonder if he's there with the kids, that would be fabulous to get him on air talking about food at festivals, or just controlling children at festivals.

    The Gruffalo is also on stage - Oh no, it's gruffalo! Yeay, I so want to see that, pity none of the children do they reckon they're all way too old for it, I'm not!

    Now, I've just had tip off that there is a chocolate and churros stand that does amazing coffee there - That's first on my list for breakfast on Saturday, based on the concept that I've had some sleep, ear plugs and eye masks sorted for the children too so fingers crossed.

  • Camp Bestival - preparations - last minute sagas

    I knew the real reason for me going to Camp Bestival the day after my lovely  husband and small children is not just to bring extra supplies but to being all the items they've forgotten to put into the car....

    1.  Small Boy's dressing gown

    2. Pillows - that would have been interesting

    3. Regulator and tube to connect the camping stove up to the gas tank.  Am going to have a rant about this - the reg and tube doesn't come with the camping stove or the gas tank.  I think this is really stupid as you need the bit in the middle to connect it all up.  The Camping shops (that sell the stoves) don't sell the reg and tube because it's July and they're selling winter stuff now, you don't go camping in winter so you have to buy these in December (aaaargh!).  The garden centres that sell the gas tanks don't sell the regs and tubes as they come with the stoves and they don't sell the stoves - they don't come with the stoves, if they came with the stoves we wouldn't have to buy them cos we'd  have one, (grrrr!) - end of rant. After trawling round DIY shops and camping shops we found one this morning at the local lawnmower shop - thank you Briants in Longwick.  OK that's lateral thinking to blow your mind, who one earth would have thought of that one, my lovely husband in total desperation, that's who.

    It would be interesting writing about feeding the family at a festival without being to use the stove, if I cheated and we lived on takeaways some bright spark would clock us and tell everyone so we'd be found out.  It's the same as when I'm in the fish and chip shop getting emergency food for the children as I have a 5 minute turn round to get them from school to Taekwondo or Judo and I always bump into someone who gleefully declares 'ooooh, you're in the chippy I'm going to tell, I thought you always cooked ALL your own food'.  Well, actually 'no, I don't' not always, and 'yes' I do allow my children to eat rubbish frequently.

    So at last they're off, just had a text from medium sized girl asking if they could eat the coco pops bars and big bags of crisps that are supposed too be for breakfast and posh snacks for lunch on the way down.  Her Dad is driving so why is she texting me and not asking him?  She was told 'no' and to eat the packed lunch that I'd made for them.

    One final piece of classic texting.  Our friend Grant is on his way with his two children, he sent a text this morning that made me laugh.  You have to remember that this is one 50 year old bloke to anther 50 year old bloke, this is so obtuse it's brilliant...

    "On the way, meet you in the skate park at 3pm, it's totally awesome!'

    Fantastic, all it needs is a tent to turn two grown blokes into little kids again - love it.



  • Camp Bestival - packing

    I had flashmic training today - no it doesn't mean learning how to use a mic whilst wearing a dubious mac, the lovely Jason at Radio Oxford showed me how to turn it on, check levels, record and turn it off, bless him, he also checked that I had producer Cristina's mobile in case I ran into difficulties with it.  I know I'm blonde, but it's not that technical.  Hmm, probably shouldn't have typed that, I'll end up calling Cristina at a critical moment cos I can't find the 'on' button.

    Two children's suitcases packed, halved the clothes that medium sized girl is taking and had meltdown over her iphone and conversations along the lines of :

    'you won't have coverage' - 'you're taking yours, you wouldn't do that if there wasn't coverage'

    'there's  no way of charging it' - 'yes there is, there's wifi and charging in the press tent'

    'you won't need to call, text or email anyone' - 'my friends will want to know what I'm up to and it just CAN'T wait until Monday'.

    'well I'll have to take my ipod instead' - 'you're going to a music festival, there's lots of live music, you won't have time to listen to your ipod'

    iphone has now been confiscated and hidden.

    Small boys suitcase has been emptied of lego, DS games and pokemon cards so there is now room for more than 1 pair of pants in there plus other clothes. Had the conversation again about it being quicker just to wear the clothes he travels down in, sleep in them and just get straight up the next day, repeat until Monday - he's taking at least 2 changes of clothing, under duress.

    Haven't tackled teenager's bag, that's for tomorrow after some sleep.

    My packing - I'm not going down there until Friday morning so haven't even thought about that, I'm on Radio Birmingham at 11.30 tomorrow morning on the lovely Joanne Mallin's show, another coating of St Tropez to do tomorrow night and dogs to take to the Pet Nanny.  Bless them, they're already unhappy as they've seen the suitcases so I have two stressed out labradors who will be howling at our bedroom door tonight being needy.

    Had a lovely glass of wine in the garden this evening with my friend Jayne after she dropped back small boy and three lovely trout that her fab husband Alan had caught this afternoon.  It's been very tempting to take the trout to Camp Bestival and cook them outside the tent with some fresh herbs and lemon juice but that really would be show off cooking, wouldn't it?  So they're going to have to go into the freezer until we get back, although Big Girl and I may have to share one tomorrow  night as it would be a shame not to.  Good excuse to use up the potatoes in the fridge, sauteed, and some fresh lettuce from the garden, lovely.


    Beverley Glock is a food writer and broadcaster, she is the founder of Splat Cooking, her first book '500 baby and toddler foods' is published on 5 September by Apple Press and her APP 'Cupcakes, Muffins and Afternoon Tea' is released in September.

  • Camp Bestival - Medieval Fancy Dress

    I've just had an email from the PR company for Camp Bestival notifying me that that I have to be in fancy dress and the wonderful Smiffy's fancy dress experts to the stars will have a costume waiting for me to collect on Friday - thought I'd get away with that one, obviously not!   So I've been looking through medieval costumes and figuring out what I would like.

    Princess - only if I can have a pointy hat, but actually being Princess Fiona would be cool, just a little worried about being green all weekend without any decent means of getting the green stuff off especially a I've spent ages doing St Tropez.

    Fever Princess - would this help me get an interview with Martin Fry of ABC?  Not really appropriate for a family festival though, although it does have a pointy hat.

    monk - just imagine if ALL the blokes at the festival wore monk costumes, that could be cool,

    tavern wench - actually that looks interesting,

    Maid Marian - a litte boring methinks, although with a green wig it could be good

    pirate - oooh, yes, going as a pirate, well that counts, they were around in medieval times weren't they? History isn't my strong point, maybe they were a little later?  Actually all the pirate costumes look cool, they'd go with my walking boots too. OK maybe that's pushing a bit.

    Maid - actually I quite like this one, a little 'safe' though.

    Braveheart - this one appeals, alternatively you could hire a smurf outfit, put on a scottish accent and pretend that they sent you the wrong item - please, please any Scots out there don't take offence, I just had a 'moment' and my son was watching the preview for the new Smurf movie and it appealed to my very sad sense of humour.

    Sheriff of Nottingham - ooh, now this one appeals, not for wearing but for having Richard Armitage wear it - I so miss Robin Hood, it was a real treat on a Saturday evening.That would be so embarrassing if Richard Armitage is going Camp Bestival and he reads this

    This is the costume I want to wear, it's so cool, the black knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, you know, the one where his arm gets chopped off  'tis but a flesh wound' one.  It's fantastic - Smiffys if you have this one at Camp Bestival please can you keep one for me?

    However, this one is the coolest of the cool, you can rent a proper suit of armour, the full thing, in metal it's fab but not sure I'd want to walk from the tent to the site in it.

    You could be totally obtuse and just go with a stuffed snake draped around your neck  as a python - 'monty' python and the Holy Grail or dressed a dragon, this time the dragon won and ate Saint George!

    What are you going as?

    Beverley Glock is a food writer and broadcaster, she's the founder of Splat Cooking and her first book '500 Baby and Toddler Foods' is published on 5 September 2011 by Apple Press,  her APP 'Cupcakes, Muffins and Afternoon Tea' launches in September from the Apple Store.

    Monty Python Black Knight costume

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