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  • Buckinghamshire Bake-Off

    There is no pressure, no cooking on the day, no charming ladies encouraging you to 'cream' properly or chaps hovering criticising your 'rubbing in' method, you do all that at home with no one watching and bring your lovely cakes and biscuits along on the day.
  • Great Pink Bake Off

    Breakthrough Breast Cancer's first ever Great Pink Bake Off is Friday 18 October, so get baking, get your friends involved, eat, bake, share and raise money for this amazing charity.
  • Thame Food Festival

    Whahoo, it's that time of year again, Thame Food Festival is tomorrow, Saturday 28 September.  This year it's even bigger and taking up the whole of the high street....Annual fun fair eat your heart out.
  • Cookery School

    My cookery school is based in the kitchen of my 17th century converted mill on the outskirts of Princes Risborough. The classes take place around the kitchen table with everyone working together so they have a very informal and friendly feel, more like cooking with friends than a formal home economics kitchen.
  • Magimix - the easiest machine to use EVER!

    Small boy (aged 10) had a sale to raise money for his form's chosen charity today.  He decided that his team were going to have a bake sale, they were given instructions on what to make and he spent most of Sunday baking.  On the list were:


    So one huge traybake of brownies done, snickerdoodles had to wait until last night as they're better fresh, next was gingerbread.

    I had my lovely pink magimix out to test out some recipes ready for the BBC Good Food Show on Thursday so he decided to give it a go, gingerbread made in a magimix quote "wow, this the easiest machine to use EVER" - he was a bit impressed, now that's a 10 year old, so imagine what an adult thinks, if I didn't already have one it could well be on his Christmas list.

    Photos attached of the processing and the finished effort, i did the icing, finishing at midnight last night and went into school this afternoon with emergency supplies of shortbread which was needed as they'd almost sold out.  In the end they raised £325, brilliant.

  • Thame Food Festival

    Yesterday dawned lovely and sunny and we all breathed a sign of relief as it was Thame Food Festival and we'd waited a whole year for this amazing food festival and were desperately hoping that it wouldn't rain.

    I was kicking off the first dem of the day in the chef's theatre at 10am with a 40 min slot and 5 min turnaround before the lovely Laurie Gear from The Artichoke in Amersham took to the stage.

    When I arrived at 8.30am the chef's theatre wasn't built, ho hum, no need to panic, this is cooking at the frontline, after all it is a glorified tent so as long as we remember that when we agree to do these food festivals we're OK. Difficulties occur when chefs or TV personalities are booked to do dems at food festivals and they have high expectations of hot and cold running Home Economists to do their prep for them and champagne on tap, never happens guys, well, maybe if you're Nigella or Gordon but not for the rest of us mere mortals.....there's a Costa across the road, go get a takeway. By 9.55 it was mostly built with a bevvy of lovely chefs from Le Manoir running around cleaning everything, wow...Manoir slaves at my beck and call - joking guys, but seriously I'd like to take one of you home especially with 3 of you doing my washing and drying up, what service, thank you chaps.

    Only 5 minutes late but on stage with Phil Gayle from BBC Oxford, bless him he had no idea what was in store for him when I asked him to whisk the egg whites, how do you know if egg whites have reached stiff peak, watch the video and you'll see, I didn't warn Phil about this, fortunately he has a sense of humour.

    I then had a slightly crazy interview with Paper Sissors Stone, Thame TV's channel where we ended running around the high street trying to do an interview avoiding background noise of the many generators and the 30+ year olds making stupid faces, I can understand kids but come one, some of you were old enough to know better.  I'll blog when the piece is up.

    Then the real fun started with the Whizz Bang Workshops run by the Splat Cooking Team at Thame Town Hall.  This was brilliant, we had over 100 children throughout the next couple of hours doing foodie experiments such as:

    Deconstructed chocolate powder

    Exploring where our sense of taste comes from whilst having to taste chocolate, that was hard

    Eggsperiments - can a raw egg bounce? can you make green eggs and ham? The answer is 'yes' to both but you'll have to watch the video to find out how.

    Jelly - spaghetti jelly (my favourite), caviar pearls, instant setting jelly shapes, jelly brains

    The day was a great success with hundreds of children hopefully inspired to keep cooking at home.



  • Thame Food Festival Exibition at Thame Museum

    I spent a lovely evening in the company of some amazing chefs on Thursday to kick of an exhibition of food photography by the lovely Debbie Jones of Imaging Essence. Lotte Duncan gave her usual cheeky style speech in the company of Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi, Steve Love from McCormick Spices, Le Manoir as Raymond Blanc is doing a dem on the day too.

    Lovely flowing bubbly and amazing chocolate brownies by Made by Mums so now we're counting down 22 days to go.  Thame Food Festival is in it's 5th year and has expanded from its small beginnings promising to become and strong competitor for the likes of Ludlow Food Festival especially with Lotte and Raymond involved with with Alison Isherwood pulling it all together it's grown into a beauty.

    Julian and Sally Dorling have worked their socks off with the PR and marketing and the photos by Debbie are just gorgeous as always.

    Thame Food Festival is on Saturday 29 Sept and I'm kicking off the Chef's Theatre with a dem at 10am followed by Whizz Bang Food Science workshops run by the Splat Cooking Team in the Town Hall from 11am, it's all free so come along, it'll be amazing.

    Read this great review

  • Plum Baby Cookery School

    I'm thrilled to announce that I'm hosting the Plum Baby Cookery School and my co-ambassador is Celebrity Chef Rachel Allen.

    Plum Baby will be opening their cookery school doors to some very privileged parents and babies to learn all about the weaning journey, take part in cookery lessons and become the stars of Plum's new weaning videos, a guide to help parents across the country sort out their weaning worries.  For details how to enter this amazing competition click on Plum Baby to take you to their website but hurry the competition closes on Monday 28 May.

  • 500 Baby and Toddler Foods - amazing recommendation

    I had to blog this email, sent last night from Diana Viola who reviews cookery books in the US for the website  I read her review of my new baby and toddler cookbook '500 Baby and Toddler Foods' last night and sent her an email thanking her for writing such a lovely review.  This is the email she sent back and I have her permission to blog it:

    Hi Beverly,

    "I don't review books I think irrelevant, and never ones that are bad, as I don't ever-ever-ever want to write negative reviews. I can't live in a negative space.
    I felt it important to stress the serious issues that you have addressed, as I am concerned for the health of the generations to come.  You dealt with that so beautifully
    Andy Sturdevant at Sellers is just aces in helping put the material forward.  He is my friend as a publisher, and your friend as an author.  Believe me, I see them all,  and I mean it - he's aces.
    I thank you for the great care you put in your work.  We all know it is a very dicey food world these days, and you will help many people.  I hope you sell droves of books.
    I was so touched by that email from someone who knows what they're talking about, Diana reviews an awful lot of books and that means the world to me.
  • 500 Baby and Toddler Foods - another fabulous review, yeay

    This is nerve wracking, now I know how actors feel after the first night of a show when they await the morning papers for the reviews, so far it's pretty fantastic.

    This is another website/blog review of the US version of my book, by Real Mums, Real Views, love it.

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