500 meals for babies and toddlers

  • Pumpkins, gingerbread and book signings

    Pumpkin roasting in the oven to make soup for lunch, shedloads of gingerbread made in the fridge.

    I'm doing book signings at Waterstones, the Eden Centre, High Wycombe for my new book 500 Baby and Toddler Foods from 2pm tomorrow, Saturday 5 November.  Just about to start making lots of gingerbread biscuits for little ones to decorate while their parents are buying the book (I hope) and about to roll out lots of gingerbread to make the biscuits.

    Only problem is that now the kitchen will start to smell heavenly and I'll be in Christmas mode wanting to put the tree up and the fairy lights on and I'll have a very grumpy husband as he doesn't think Christmas should even be mentioned until 24 December. Once the smell of gingerbread permeates the kitchen I'll find myself emptying the cupboards digging out cloves and resisting the urge to stick them in oranges.

    So if you're around in High Wycombe tomorrow please do come and see me, I'll be in Waterstones with lots of books and gingerbread from 2pm, if not I'll be in Oxford next Saturday 12 November from 12 noon-2pm doing the same.  It would be great to meet you so come along have a chat, buy the book and eat delicious gingerbread.


  • 500 Baby and Toddler Foods - amazing recommendation

    I had to blog this email, sent last night from Diana Viola who reviews cookery books in the US for the website www.inmamaskitchen.com.  I read her review of my new baby and toddler cookbook '500 Baby and Toddler Foods' last night and sent her an email thanking her for writing such a lovely review.  This is the email she sent back and I have her permission to blog it:

    Hi Beverly,

    "I don't review books I think irrelevant, and never ones that are bad, as I don't ever-ever-ever want to write negative reviews. I can't live in a negative space.
    I felt it important to stress the serious issues that you have addressed, as I am concerned for the health of the generations to come.  You dealt with that so beautifully
    Andy Sturdevant at Sellers is just aces in helping put the material forward.  He is my friend as a publisher, and your friend as an author.  Believe me, I see them all,  and I mean it - he's aces.
    I thank you for the great care you put in your work.  We all know it is a very dicey food world these days, and you will help many people.  I hope you sell droves of books.
    I was so touched by that email from someone who knows what they're talking about, Diana reviews an awful lot of books and that means the world to me.
  • 500 Baby and Toddler Foods - another fabulous review, yeay

    This is nerve wracking, now I know how actors feel after the first night of a show when they await the morning papers for the reviews, so far it's pretty fantastic.

    This is another website/blog review of the US version of my book, by Real Mums, Real Views, love it.

  • 500 Baby and Toddler Foods - Review!

    The first review of my new book, '500 Baby and Toddler Foods' published by Apple Press this month, has just been put up on the internet by a website called In Mamas Kitchen.

    It's fabulous, I read it nervously, I think my book is great, I would, I wrote it and it was wonderful to read this from a font of baby and foodie knowledge that make up the wonderful team at In Mamas Kitchen in the US.  Some of the recipes are up on their website too if you'd like to have a sneaky peak.

    So thank you guys, I really really appreciate it. Fingers crossed the UK reviews are going to be as good.

  • I'm Chef of the Week on Celebrity Chef's website - woohoo

    Big, big thank you to Andy Richards of Celebrity Chefs for making me his Chef of the Week, this is such an honour and I'm so proud.

    It links in brilliantly with the launch of my book tomorrow, 500 Baby and Toddler Foods and finished up the summer holidays after an amazing stint as Master of Ceremonies at Oxford Foodies Festival over the August Bank Holiday. .

  • 500 Baby and Toddler Foods - Press Release

    Release re Beverley's new book 500 Baby and Toddler Foods published by Apple Press on 5 September, please do contact us for interviews or further information or Apple Press directly for recipes, press copies for review or any other queries relating to the book. Please click on the link to access the release.


    500 Baby and Toddler Foods by Beverley Glock

    500 Baby & Toddler

  • Feeding Babies and Sleeping - 500 Baby and Toddler Foods

    Baby and Toddler Cookbook

    Two weeks to go until my book launch, I've had a lovely lady call the office today to ask about the book as she has a 7 month old and wanted to know if it really was no faffing recipes.  It really is, honest.  The recipes are all based on the food I cooked for my three children who are now 15, 11 and 9.

    When you have one child and you're on maternity leave you have time to cook - providing your baby sleeps and providing you are sensible enough to go back to bed and sleep at the same time as your baby working on the principle that you're only going to get 4 hours in one go if you're lucky.

    Even with one baby the only time you're going to get to prepare food and cook is when they're asleep which means that you are going to miss out on potentially 4 hours sleep, you never know when your next sleep is going to come so this potential sleep time is very precious and in a lot of cases rare.  Do you really want to spend that 'sleep time' cooking, 'no' so the idea with this book is that the recipes can be adapted for all the family and they can be prepared ahead, just about all of them frozen in bulk and taken out of the freezer when needed - you get to sleep, yeay!

    Once you get to 2 or 3 children the whole concept of cooking and preparing food goes out the window, so does the concept of sleep, as a new Mum you know you're not going to sleep for the next 12 months so when you have the choice of sleep or cook, sleep gets it every time, or it should.  Jars come in handy, apart from when you have a child like my middle one who totally and completely refused anything out of a jar, even apple puree, no idea how she knew but she did. Nightmare.  She started on spag bol at a very early age, the issue now is that tomatoes are not recommended for babies under 12 months due to their acidity.  I had to get creative to come with alternative family meals without tomatoes for the first 12 months.

    It's a minefield working out what baby can and cannot eat, more so as the goalposts change frequently.  I've written a section about the  new 'baby led weaning' craze - sorry anyone out there who thinks this is a great idea, I don't, at all, no way.  I want to know how much food my baby is eating and the concept is great but mixed with normal pureed food too otherwise you're either going to feed the whole family stick veg and finger food or prepare different meals again, no, no, no.  Sorry, feel a rant coming on.

    However, it could be very funny serving up your partner with finger food when he comes home from work, I'd love to see is face, getting a fit of the giggles just thinking about it.  Actually, maybe that's what we should do, just to try it out, go on, if you do please tell me how it goes.

    I'm thinking of digging out my old baby diaries and blogging them, taking you through day to day with babies from a while ago, could be interesting so watch this space.

    In the meantime, preregister for the book, it's on Amazon on pre-order and currently making it into the top 100,000, out of 5.2 million books that's not bad seeing as it's not even launched yet.



  • 500 Baby and Toddler Foods - my new baby food cookbook

    500 Baby and Toddler Foods by Beverley Glock

    I've just received the first copy of my new book '500 Baby and Toddler Foods' published by Apple Press on 5 September 2011.

    Wow, it's real.  It looks amazing.  My Big Girl looked through it this morning and exclaimed that the recipes in it were far nicer than the food we ate at home - I did point out that actually, the recipes in there were all recipes I cooked at home and that she probably just hadn't noticed.  She then declared that she wanted to try some of them.  Yes!  That's the whole point, it maybe a baby and toddler cookbook but it's designed for the whole family to eat and share the same meals.

    The first copy has, of course, been sent off to my Mum.  That's where the real critical review will come from, hmm, we'll see.

    Shortly the press copies will be winging their way to Netmums, Mumsnet, Families Mag along with all other manner of family and baby websites, magazines, shows, whatever, it will be interesting to see the reaction, especially at it launches in the US, Canada and Australia at the same time.  Fingers crossed it will do well.


  • Camp Bestival - how to put up a tent

    How to put up a tent

    Two days to go - today's lecture is on how to put up a tent easily, effectively and with little stress.

    1.  Book into a preprepared one, ie a tipi, roundhouse, airstream trailer or yurt preferably with built in furniture and maid service (this is my personal preference, but husband won't consider due to a. too expensive and b. it's cheating) or Tangerine Fields, we can't do this as we're going with friends who are in Camping Plus and they won't be allowed in the Tangerine Fields bit due to bouncers and as we'll be swapping children and fighting over who gets to go home with the little ones and who goes to the silent disco - me, me, me, me, so that's not an option.

    2. Plead work and send your husband down the day before with the younger children to put the tent up.  Arrive the next day with fresh food supplies when everything is up, unpacked, beds blown up, etc and remember to keep your mouth firmly shut to prevent comments like 'oh, couldn't you move it a foot that way?' and 'why didn't put the tent up on the flat, closer to the car park, further away from the loos?' etc as comments like these are highly likely to end your marriage, no matter how much wine you've brought!

    3. Have a fall back position sorted - my friend Amanda has a flat in Swanage, very close to Lulworth, and she's said that if it gets desperate we're very welcome to come and crash at hers - maybe commuting is the way to go.

    We're going for option 2. on the basis that I promise to be very grateful.

    In preparation for this Pete, my lovely husband, put the tent up on Sunday to make sure that he could still remember how to. Also, by doing it in our garden it is more challenging than putting it up in a field as there are two labradors to contend with in our garden and lots of screams of 'who let the flipping dogs out into the garden', 'I thought I told you to keep the kitchen door shut', 'Sidney, Jasper, get out of the damn tent', 'Sidney, come back with the cross brace, it's not a stick'. Humans are far easier to cope with, they don't run off with the cross braces in their mouth thinking they've invented this brilliant new game when all the humans stand around laughing and being extremely unhelpful - sorry, Pete, it was funny.

    Sunday night, tent up, air beds blown up - double one not blowing up, good job we tried this out, find spare only to remember that the reason we bought the new one is because the thingy that stops the air coming out went missing years ago and you  have to sleep with your finger bunged in the air hole to keep it from deflating, hmmm. Can we get the sofa bed in the back of the car?

    Shiny new cooker out of the box, oooh, very exciting, it's massive, looks like the on you get when you do posh camping in France with those static tents that come with everything - apart from this will always stay clean as Pete hasn't bought the gas canister to make it work - sweetheart, that's why it was so light to carry.

    Little uns think this is great and want to sleep over in the tent, ha ha, Pete pleads that he as to work the next day, I comment that he put the tent up so he should sleep in it with his children.  Great idea, lovely night's sleep in my bed. Children and Pete a little tired and cold in the morning after waking up at 5am when it got light.  This was a good idea as now we know we have to bring more blankets too.

    Best practice for further years camping - make husbands put tent up the weekend before and sleep in it to test whether the new sleeping bags are going to be warm enough.  If they have no sleep and are very cold then you need to bring blankets - who needs tog ratings?

    Guess what he's doing tonight?  Trying to get the tent down and packed up into the bag while stopping Sidney commandeering cross braces aka 'helping'. This is going to be great spectator sport - I think I'll try out the new plastic wine glasses and watch him while shouting gently encouragement such as 'Sidney, leave it!'

    Beverley  is a food writer and broadcaster, she is the founder of Splat Cooking and her first book '500 Baby and Toddler Foods' is published by Apple press on 5 September 2011, her APP 'Cupcakes, Muffins and Afternoon Tea' will be available to download from the Apple Store from September.


  • Birthday breakfast in bed and Thai noodle soup supper

    It's my birthday, haven't yet decided how old I'm going to be, I figure that when you reach 30 you get to choose from then on, so maybe this year I'll be 34 as that's the age one of the children at my Saturday Morning cooking club said he thought I was - its good enough for Alex so it's good enough for me.

    Breakfast in bed was served by my two youngest children.  OK it was after i'd been up for an hour getting big girl off to school first and had my first coffee.  I had to dash back into bed before I was discovered.  This was my kind of breakfast.  A lovely skinny latte with the biggest box of chocolates on the side.  Well, that's you have skimmed milk isn't it?  So you can eat the chocolates to go with them and not feel guilty.  Hmmm, didn't work, still have 6 pounds to get off from Christmas, so restricted myself to one chocolate, boy was I good.

    Off to the woods for a long walk with chocolate labrador, to work of the chocolate, three big female red deer ran across our paths, fortunately our labrador has also put on weight after Christmas and couldn't catch them, bless him. I could pretend that it's my training but that would a blatant fib.

    Back home, changed off to Marlow for lunch at the lovely Thai Square restaurant and a bit of shopping for my present from my husband, he figured it was safer than spending the day taking back the presents he'd got me that didn't fit or i didn't like.  Actually it worked really well.

    Managed to get in another 5 recipes for my book and then tied in recipe development with supper.  For small children it was poached chicken, poached in chicken stock with steamed veg and wraps for small boy who loves wraps.  For medium sized girl I cooked some pasta in the poaching liquor and she had that with the poached chicken and veg.  Big girl and us oldies went for a very easy option.

    I have some grilled chilli oil left over from a Thai Workshop in November, it keeps for ages so no worries there.  So working on 250ml of chicken stock each with a tablespoon of this grilled chili oil each this went into a pan, threw in a couple of lemon grass, bashed and cut in two, a few Kaffir lime leaves that I have stored in the freezer and two tablespoons of fish sauce, handful of peas and sugar snaps and a bag of frozen king prawns, 2 noodle nests for good measure and 5 minutes later we had supper, finished off with the juice of a lemon.  Heavenly.

    Back in the office tomorrow to try and catch up as well as bury myself behind the computer to write more recipes, then Friday I'm guesting on the 9 o'clock show on Three Counties Radio, yeay.

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