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  • Camp Bestival - an interview with Dick and Dom

    Camp Bestival Fairy Free HugsThe sun's come out and I'm now allowing myself to get excited about Camp Bestival 2013, plus there are now only 96 days to go, double figures, yeay.  The highlight of Camp Bestival 2012 has to be my impromptu interview with Dick and Dom. Yes, I was the adult standing at the back of the audience at East Lulworth shouting 'bogies' very, very loudly and getting elbowed by medium sized girl for being embarrassing, I don't care, I LOVE Dick and dom.  However, they weren't giving interviews, well, officially anyway....

    Armed with my BBC Oxford mic (it's scary how many places a BBC mic will get you, even though it's local radio it's got those amazing 3 capital letters on it that open doors), I managed to edge my way to the back of the stage at East Lulworth where I spotted the regular bouncers and very attractive brunette whom I deduced may be married to one of them, a long shot but I went for it.  Started chatting to her, introduced myself and asked whether she thought they may be up for a quick interview about food after their show, after all they had been talking about Pot Noodles, she said she'd ask them (YES!  whoop whoop) and they did.

    So out the back of the tent with medium sized girl, who was not as excited as I was I must add, I secured an interview with Dick and Dom about their idea of festival food, this was first broadcast on BBC Oxford in August last year but here's the interview to get you in the mood for this year as they boys are back.

    Dick and Dom

    I love their views on the perfect food....Pot Noodle, is it the perfect food?  It has carbohydrate in the noodles, protein in the dehydrated meat, water which you have to add from the kettle and vegetables in the form of dehydrated peas and other things I'm surely that's the perfect food - no way!

    After the interview we were wandering around aimlessly (as you do at festivals) when I was tapped on the shoulder by a chap in sunglasses with a big grin and a 'hi, how are you doing?' yep, it was  Dick, this time the children were impressed with retorts of 'OMG you really are famous Dick from Dick and Dom knows you, wow', to my 10 year old son's eyes that was it, his Mum had made the big time.  He was gutted he wasn't there for the interview and so was my 16 year old daughter, maybe this summer they'll get the chance if you're up for another interview guys?



  • Fruit Leathers

    These are brilliant to make in the winter, OK it's getting warmer but it's still not there to turn on your oven and get pureeing, these are really good and although they do contain sugar they're slightly healthier than sweets

    Fruit Leathers

    Fruit leathers have been made since the middle ages as a way of preserving fruit for the winter months.  They are delicious, easy to make and also great for snacks and lunch boxes.  They can be made with frozen or fresh fruit and will last for months stored in an airtight container.

    Fruit Leathers   

    Preparation time 20 minutes, cooking time 2-6 hours.

    Raspberry Leathers
    500g raspberries
    25g fruit sugar or fructose

    Blend the fruit to a pulp, sieve to remove the seeds, add sugar, heat gently to dissolve the sugar and spread evenly and thinly on baking parchment or silicone paper on a baking tray.  Bake in a very low oven 70oc/gas 1/ simmering oven of an AGA until the fruit is a little tacky and peels off in one go.  This can be anything from 90 minutes in an AGA simmering oven to 8 hours (overnight) in a very low oven with the door left slightly agar.  Leave to cool, cut into strips and either store with a light sprinkling of cornflour in an airtight container or roll up and wrap in cellowrap, silicone paper or similar for presents.

    Strawberry and Banana Leathers
    400g strawberries, hulled
    3 banana

    Blend the fruit to a pulp, the strawberry pips are so small that I don’t bother sieving them.  Continue as above

    Apple and Blackcurrant Leathers
    600g apples, roughly chopped, cores removed, skins left on
    150g blackcurrants
    25g fruit sugar or fructose

    Cook the fruit and sugar until soft, sieve to remove the skins and stray apple pips and continue as before

    ©Beverley Glock

  • Fruit Leathers

    Fruit leathers have been made since the middle ages as a way of preserving fruit for the winter months. They are delicious, easy to make and also great for snacks and lunch boxes

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