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  • BBQ Campsite Cupcakes

    These are cupcakes that you cook on a barbeque. They are fantastic if you want to impress the whole campsite while on holiday or just have fun playing at camping in the back garden in the summer, total ‘show off’ cooking.
  • Baking Cakes on a Campsite

    Yes it can be done, I've done it and have the photos to prove it.

    Take one basic cupcake mix, or muffin, or whatever recipe and flavour you like.  Make up the recipe as per the instructions, probably using a wooden spoon as you may not have electricity if you are proper camping.  As much as I love my KitchenAid I think my husband would have a hissy fit if I even suggested taking it camping, although, there's an idea, how cool would that be.  Total show off cooking in the wild experience, can you imagine the comments going round the campsite when you rig up your KitchenAid, maybe I'll try that just to see what happens (snigger).

    Anyway, based on not taking your mixer with you, make sure you cream the butter and sugar thoroughly then make up the recipe as usual.

    You probably won't have a muffin tray with you - no don't go and reach for one, you don't need it!  You do need baking parchment and tin foil.

    Cut 12 squares of parchment 16cm square and 12 circles of tinfoil about the size of a dinner plate, around 25cm diameter .  Scrunch up the tinfoil cases around a mug to form a 'cake case', grease these and line with the square of parchment, repeat with the rest of the foil and parchment.  Split cake mix equally between the 'cases' and place on a tray on the shelf of the barbeque.  Close the lid and leave them for 10 mins, check if they're done by inserting a skewer, if it comes out clean they're done, if not cook for another couple of minutes.  You may need to keep checking them and moving them around as it's difficult to regulate the temperature of a barbeque.  Once they're cooked, remove, leave to cool, ice and eat.

    I made these for my daughter's birthday when we were on holiday in France, they were great but I did attract crowds on the campsite as word got round really quickly and everyone wanted to see how I was making them.

    If you have my APP Cupcakes, Muffins and Afternoon Tea

    Cupcakes cooked on a barbeque

    , facebook a photo to let me see how they turn out.


  • Festival Food

    Food planning for this weekend, last year we tried the tinned stuff, horrid, so this year in line with my BBC Oxford show I'm cooking real food, from scratch instead.

    What's on the menu for Camp Bestival?


    Pancakes with lemon and sugar or nutella (cheated and bought ready made crepes, I refuse to queue for 30 minutes for one crepe like last year)

    Pain au chocolat

    Cheerios with already frozen milk which will slowly defrost over the weekend and keep cold, may need to sneak in coco pops too for my chocolate fix - shouldn't have admitted to coco pops addiction, I'm supposed to be a shining example of healthy eating, mostly anyway.

    Orange Juice and smoothies


    Eating out - not doing lunch each day, no way


    Thai green chicken curry for the grown ups Friday night, I've chopped and frozen the raw chicken, taken the green curry paste, veg and coconut milk with me as I reckon it's safer to cook the raw meat than to cook the whole thing, freeze it and slowly defrost it there, also boil in the bag rice too.  Kids are on fajitas, again cooking them on site, the fajitas, not the kids.  RED WINE - doesn't need chilling, may have to sneak in a couple of beers too on the basis that they'll have to be drunk Friday night before going warm, hard life!

    Saturday - we're eating out

    Sunday - Pasta with pesto and roast veg, garlic bread cooked under the grill and lashings of parmesan, fussy kids can have pasta with parmesan and butter - I'll let them off veg one night, after all it's a festival

    Also taking crisps and olives for nibbles, let's face this is where middle England go to party so would be letting the side down not taking olives, posh crisps and making flapjack today to go too.

    One sleep until I go, Pete and Small Boy have already left to set up the tent, I gave them towels this morning and they looked at me like I was insane

    "why do we need those?"

    "to wash with"

    "but we're at a festival, didn't think you were allowed to wash, isn't that the idea?"

    Hmm, boys!

  • Camp Bestival 2012 - packing

    OK so I'm not as organised as last year, Pete and Small Boy are off tomorrow and we've only just started thinking of packing, unlike last year when this was all new and exciting.  The problem is now I think that I've done it once so this year is going to be a breeze, apart from I can't remember what on earth I packed last year so desperately looking for a cold beer as that will surely put in the mood and help me remember, yes?

    Essentials have been put out for packing - new, cool, espresso gadget for show off coffee maker is packed, that's me sorted.  Small boy is very disappointed at the knowledge that there are 'SHOWERS', we're in Camping Plus this year, last year we were in trog camping and found loos but nothing else.  We'd meet up with our friends (in camping plus) who had wet hair and query whether it had been raining in their part of the campsite, they'd reply 'we had a shower' to which we'd look at them dimly muttering something about us being the great unwashed in trog camping.  This means negotiating with a small boy who's idea of joy at camping is inability to wash, he'll be disappointed.

    I have my flash mic, in lovely bright pink pouch, very girly and sweet.  The show this year is all about eating 'proper' food and doing 'proper' cooking at a festival, food that the children will eat too.  That's in the next blog.

    About to drag children upstairs to pack, wonder if I'm going to have a repeat of last year's packing crises...... halving the clothes that medium sized girl is taking and had meltdown over her iphone and conversations along the lines of :

    'you won't have coverage' - 'you're taking yours, you wouldn't do that if there wasn't coverage' - last year was brilliant, there was no coverage at all on the site as it's in a hollow, only signal is in the tent, as we're not intending being there much there won't be any point checking the phones or having them around.  I relaxed so much last year as no one could get hold of me so I was blissfully unaware of any crises going on back in the office.

    'there's  no way of charging it' - 'yes there is, there's wifi and charging in the press tent' - hmm, the children know I have bought a solar charger this year so not getting away with that excuse.

    'you won't need to call, text or email anyone' - 'my friends will want to know what I'm up to and it just CAN'T wait until Monday'. Yeah right, the texts last year took 8 hours to get through.  We'd text a friend to say meet you at the Big Top at 2pm and they'd get the text at 9pm that evening.  Resorted to arranging for one of the adults to be on the Castle steps on the hour every hour to meet the kids if they'd gone off on their own somewhere - good, old fashioned meeting up techniques, no new fangled mobiles with no reception here.

    'well I'll have to take my ipod instead' - 'you're going to a music festival, there's lots of live music, you won't have time to listen to your ipod' current argument is so that they can practice the songs before seeing the bands.

    Small boys suitcase has been emptied of lego, DS games and pokemon cards so there is now room for more than 1 pair of pants in there plus other clothes. Had the conversation again about it being quicker just to wear the clothes he travels down in, sleep in them and just get straight up the next day, repeat until Monday - he's taking at least 2 changes of clothing, under duress.

    Haven't tackled teenager's bag, that's for tomorrow after some sleep.

    My packing - I'm not going down there until Friday morning with the girls so haven't even thought about that, will do a coating of St Tropez to do  tonight and ponder on shoes, probably my DMs, shorts, false eyelashes, mirror to put false eyelashes on with in the tent, sun cream, strappy tops, that should do me.  Bless them, they're already unhappy as they've seen the suitcases so I have two stressed out labradors who will be howling at our bedroom door tonight being needy.

    Beverley Glock is a food writer and broadcaster, she is the founder of Splat Cooking, her first book '500 baby and toddler foods' is published on by Apple Press and her APP 'Cupcakes, Muffins and Afternoon Tea' is on sale on the APP store for iPad with the iPhone version due release in August 2012.

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